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Slentz Radish
07 September 2008 @ 11:12 am
Dammit, I smell fried chicken. Now I want me some.
Slentz Radish
23 July 2008 @ 05:35 pm
A few days ago I received a spam from one Slentz Radish. Even better, the subject line was simply this: >:-(
Slentz Radish
26 June 2008 @ 12:01 pm
Here's one I haven't done yet. From liondaughter.

1. Your Middle Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song or Album:
6. Favorite Band/Artist:
7. Dirty or Clean:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Do we know each other outside of LJ?
10. What's your philosophy on life?
11. Is the bottle half-full or half-empty?
12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
13. What is your favorite memory of us?
14. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
16. You can have three wishes (for yourself, so forget all the "world peace, etc." malarkey) - what are they:
17. Can we get together and make a cake?
18. Which country is your spiritual home?
19. What is your big weakness?
20. Do you think I'm a good person?
21. What was your best/favorite subject at school:
22. Describe your accent:
23. If you could change anything about me, would you?
24. What do you wear to sleep?
25. Trousers or skirts?
26. Cigarettes or alcohol?
27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
28. Will you repost this so I can fill it out for you?
Slentz Radish
It's The Book Loved By Everyone But You Meme, wherein readers confess which books they knew they were supposed to love, but just didn't. Everyone loved them, everyone thought they were the best of the year, everyone told you you had to read them, so you did. And then you wondered what the heck all the fuss was about. Here are some of mine:

The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling - Whiny, unlikeable characters and lazy writing. I consider it an insult to my intelligence that the writer felt it necessary to use the first chapter of each book (apart from the first one, of course) to recount everything that had happened in the previous book(s). Hurr hurr hurr I can't 'member things all good 'cause I'm a stupid Amurrican!

On the Road by Jack Kerouac - Total crap, and boring as hell. As Kim Kelly from Freaks and Geeks says: "I hated the book, alright? I have no idea what it's about, and the writer was clearly on drugs when he wrote it. I mean, it just went on and on and on like it was written in a total hurry. If I handed in something like this, there's no way I'd get a good grade on it! It's boring and it's unorganised...and I only read thirty pages of it, anyway."

The Lord of the Rings series by J. R. R. Tolkien - I feel like these books were written mainly as a showcase for Middle Earth's languages, history, and mythology. The Hobbit was okay, though, and I really liked The Silmarillion.

Richard, I'm counting on you to do this meme. Anyone else who wants to do it should, too.
Slentz Radish
10 April 2008 @ 06:07 pm
Probably the best picture of my rabbit ever.
Slentz Radish
22 December 2007 @ 01:35 pm
Our computer died, so I'll probably be offline for a while. Also the price of train tickets doubled the day we had money to buy them, so we can't make it to Moomas.

Current Mood: crashing through the sky
Slentz Radish
21 April 2007 @ 06:46 pm
I realised today that most of you haven't seen my shrine as it is currently set up. Thankfully I had the camera today, and the light was good, so these turned out fairly well.

Photos behind the cut.Collapse )
Current Music: cat stevens - here comes my baby
Slentz Radish
20 April 2007 @ 02:17 pm
I've been thinking a lot about this album that Richard and I are supposed to do together sometime before we die. I already had a wonderful/horrible idea, involving putting a real song over a cover of the Torgo Theme from Manos: The Hands of Fate. (MST3K fans will probably know what I'm talking about.) Thankfully, Richard is very keen on the idea and has been coming up with little things to add to it. It's part of our plan to take over the world, I guess.

I would write more about this, but he wouldn't want me to share too much (it could jinx the whole thing, in his mind). Suffice to say that we are going to make an album together, and that it will be awesome. You will be constantly pestered to buy one, if and when we ever finish it. Sorry about that.

Also, next week is our three-year anniversary. I've been with Richard for the entirety of my adult life, minus a little less than a month. A strange and interesting thought. I think we're very happy with each other. I'll tell you our not-so-secret secret: we're friends first, a couple second. It's as simple as that. We put a higher priority on liking each than on trying to own each other. It's worked very well for us so far, and it's what keeps us together. Thus it can only be a good thing.
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Slentz Radish
16 April 2007 @ 12:01 am
That silly-but-fun music thing everyone's doing.Collapse )
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Slentz Radish
14 April 2007 @ 08:47 pm
Movies and Chinese takeaway, that's been my day in a nutshell so far. I watched Marie Antoinette and Trainspotting, both for the first time. There were so many things I loved about both of them, not least the soundtracks; it was awesome and gratifying that these movies used the type of music that I actually like and listen to often. Most movies use the most awful music, stuff that I would rather stab myself in the thigh than indulge in.

I ordered myself fried dumplings, chicken lo mein, and chicken with broccoli, all of which were excellent and delivered to me by a very handsome and friendly Chinese fellow. They gave me two fortune cookies. The first one read Every burden is a blessing. Hahaha NO. The second said If you are hungry, have another fortune cookie. Sorry, Cookie. I would, but they only delivered the two, you see.
Current Music: new order - ceremony