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Shrine Pictures, Again

I realised today that most of you haven't seen my shrine as it is currently set up. Thankfully I had the camera today, and the light was good, so these turned out fairly well.

A full view of the shrine. Please ignore the shriveled-up flowers, thank you. And yes, Hethert has a star ornament hanging from one of Her horns. High fashion, y'all. Don't laugh or She'll cut you.

Close-up of the left side. A little jar of cowrie shells, a few polished stones, some jewelry She stole from me, a picture frame with pressed flowers, and a watch that belonged to my mom's mom.

Close-up of the right side. Some unpolished stones, two heart-shaped rocks handcrafted in Africa, and a vase with wilty tulips and daffodils. Between the vase and the base of the statue are two charms written on paper.

The base of the statue, showcasing Hethert's maidenly foots and shapely ankles. :p A necklace that belonged to my gramma, two brass bells, and an offering my mom made a few weeks ago (a rough amethyst and a little note).

This is what my shrine looks like on a day-to-day basis, before being cleaned up and re-purified. It's kind of eccentric, but Hethert likes it, which is the thing that matters.
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